3 Premium Magento Themes and Templates for Powerful eCommerce Websites

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As far as versatility is concerned, Magento templates are like no others from varying content management systems. They are suitable for users of all levels, and most templates are developed to grow with the user’s knowledge and expertise. The templates that we’ve listed below are all more than capable of being modified to suit your specific needs.

Get Adsence Account

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Get Adsence Account
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Password Recovery Bundle 2014 3.2 Pro Update

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Password Recovery Bundle is a must-have toolkit to recover/remove/reset passwords forWindows, Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Outlook Express, SQL Server, RAR/WinRAR, ZIP/WinZIP, PDF, MSN, AOL, Google Talk, Paltalk, Trillian, Miranda, Opera, Firefox and IE Browser, etc. Over 80+ types of passwords can be recovered instantly. Until now, thispassword recovery tool is the fastest and easiest one to use and the least expensive on the market.
100% recovery rate.

Buy Discounted Samsung Galaxy S5

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GALAXY S5 delivers what matters the most to users with a new modern design, vivid color options, advanced camera, fastest network connectivity, dedicated fitness tools and enhanced protection features. 

This Phone was released on April,2014.It is 8.1mm thick

Android OS, v4.4.2, up to v5.0

Messi vs Ronaldo An Infographic

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Messi and Ronaldo are the world's greatest footballers, but who's the best?
There are several questions in the history of mankind that will forever remain;unanswered if Answered:“Yes there  is  an afterlife!!!
“What is the purpose of
our lives?”   This is A Critical Question?

Some Features of both the Players!

iPhone 6s Things You Need To Know

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 Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhones in the fall of 2015, and they may come with some impressive camera improvements.
Apple is stepping up its publicity game ahead of the iPhone 6s, with a pair of new YouTube adverts.
The first, titled “Hardware & Software”, boasts that “unlike most smartphones” Apple is responsible for designing both the hardware and software of its phones. The second ad, titled “Loved”, features a lot of happy attractive people, and comes with the vague statistic that “99% of people who have an iPhone love their iPhone”.

Rumored Features

  • A9 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Improved 12-megapixel camera
  • Same design as iPhone 6
  • Force Touch
  • Improved Touch ID
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors 
According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is gearing up to launch the iPhone 6s with between 85 and 90 million units. That marks a significant jump from the 70 and 80 million units ordered ahead of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launches in 2014, and signals an anticipated sales growth of more than 10%.
The iPhone is in trouble and Android is closing the gap, right? Nope. The truth is Apple has never sold as many iPhones as it did in Q1 (74 million) and Q2 (61 million) of 2015 – this is an average increase of 20 million each quarter compared to the previous year.

iPhone 6S release date

Its in fall 2015 -----the same year



While there’s no confirmed price for Apple’s next iPhone, we believe it will be around the £539-£549 ($649-$659) mark for the standard model, and £639-£649 ($749-759) for the Plus version.
We can say this with reasonable confidence as Apple hasn’t significantly raised the price of its flagship smartphone since the £429 iPhone 5 replaced the £399 iPhone 4S in 2012.

 Leaked Photo

Rumored Features

Force Touch

One rumor has suggested Force Touch could be limited to the iPhone 6s Plus, which is not out of the realm of possibility as the iPhone 6 Plus does have features not included in the iPhone 6. For example, the iPhone 6 Plus is the only device with optical image stabilization. A second rumor has suggested that while that was originally the plan, Apple may now introduce Force Touch in both versions of the iPhone 6s.
KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the next-generation iPhone will have a capacitive Force Touch sensor underneath the backlight. He claims that the hardware design of the Force Touch included in the iPhone may work differently than Force Touch in the Apple Watch and 12-inch Retina MacBook.
Instead of directly detecting the pressure applied by a finger on the screen, Force Touch hardware in the iPhone might monitor the contact area where a finger presses to determine how much pressure is being applied.

Camera Improvements

Some rumors have hinted that the iPhone 6s could bring Apple's "biggest camera jump ever" in the form of a possible two-lens system that would allow Apple to offer DSLR quality images in its iPhone, but other rumors have disagreed that Apple plans to introduce a two-lens system, sticking instead with the same 8-megapixel sensor found in previous iPhones.
Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will gain an upgraded 12-megapixel camera, and his predictions are often correct.
Apple recently acquired LinX Imaging, a camera technology company specializing in cameras for mobile devices that are able to produce DSLR-quality images by using multi-aperture arrays.
LinX technology also introduces much-improved low-light photo taking capabilities, and due to depth mapping, it can even created 3D images from still photographs. It's possible LinX's camera technology could be used in the next-generation iPhones.

Better Touch ID

Touch ID may also see some improvements. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 6s will feature an upgraded Touch ID module with reduced reading errors to enhance the Apple Pay experience.

A Sapphire Display

iPhone 6 rumors focused heavily on a potential sapphire display that did not materialize due to production issues, and there have already been some whispers suggesting Apple will use sapphire displays produced by Foxconn for the next-generation iPhone. No new sapphire deals have come to light, though, so it is somewhat unlikely we'll see sapphire in the iPhone 6s.
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple may use sapphire in some models of the larger iPhone 6s Plus if issues with drop tests can be worked out ahead of mass production.

4-inch iPhone 6c?

There have been conflicting rumors concerning the addition of a new 4-inch iPhone 6c to Apple's 2015 lineup. Several rumors coming out of the Asian supply chain have suggested there will be a newly designed 4-inch iPhone "6c" released in 2015.

Live Tarawih Prayer Stream From Makkah In Ramadan Kareem

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Google presents a gift to more than a billion Muslims all around the world by launching a YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to live Tarawih prayers, and see special programs related to Ramadan Kareem. The prayers and other programs are broadcasted live through YouTube, with good audio and video streaming quality. This is indeed a great gift to those who haven't been there, or want to listen to the Imam-e-Kaba recite the Holy Quran during Tarawih Prayers. The Channel was made live on 20th June. During the time when there are no on-going prayers, the channel shows other streams from Masjid-al-Haram
Live Tarawih Prayers From Makkah